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Insurrectionary Nicaragua

"From the first day, I witnessed the beginning of the greatest popular uprising that has taken place in my country after the 1979 war."


 The series of photographs represent a part of Nicaragua's socio-political conflict from April 18, 2018, to date.



The Nicaraguan protests began on April 18, 2018, when protesters in several Nicaraguan cities began protesting the social security reforms decreed by President Daniel Ortega that increased taxes and decreased benefits. After five days of riots in which almost thirty people died, Ortega announced the reforms' cancellation. However, opposition to the government grew and through protests to denounce Ortega and demand his resignation, becoming one of the largest protests in his government's history and the most deadly civil conflict since the end of the Nicaraguan revolution.

From September 29, 2018, political demonstrations were declared illegal until today, and anyone who tries to demonstrate is immediately jailed.


Associated Press Publications 2018-2019

© Alfredo Zúniga

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