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Thousands of people move every day, fleeing from different islands located in Cabo Delgado's province in northeastern Mozambique. People escape the bullets, kidnapping, and murder of Jihadist insurgents who attack at night by burning their villages and cities.


This group of armed jihadists has unleashed a violent campaign in the gas-rich province of Cabo Delgado since 2017 that has since killed more than 2,300 people and forced up to 500,000 to flee, according to United Nations agencies.


Thousands of refugees have arrived in nearby towns and cities, have stayed with relatives, or have been welcomed by strangers.


Violence escalated this year, and militants now control swaths of the coast, including strategic ports and cities with gas facilities, and have moved inland.


Assignment for France Press AFP, December 2020 © Alfredo Zúniga 

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